Spirit of Faith Family Church


What is Spirit of Faith Family Church all about? The answer to that question is summarized in our Mission, Vision and Purpose Statements.

Our mission and vision begins, of course, with what the Word of God reveals is the general purpose all local churches share in common - namely the Great Commission. Then, it involves the specific callings revealed by the Spirit of God to our church family.

Our Vision...

To equip believers of every culture with the understanding of God's Word, empowering them to have maximum influence on their world for Jesus.

Our Mission...

To communicate the Gospel to as many people as possible, transforming them into functional believers who passionately pursue God's purpose for their lives.

At Spirit of Faith Family Church we focus on 9 things to help us fulfill our mission and progress toward our vision. They include: Outreach/Evangelism, Equipping/Discipleship, Prayer/Worship, Relationships/Community, Involvement/Ministry, Stewardship of Material Resources and Excellence in Ministry Facilities.

Nine Statements of Purpose

We are here to help you....

Become completely committed to the Bible as revelation of God's plan for man, and your source for learning the principles of living a successful life that pleases God and influences others.

Become passionately devoted to knowing Jesus intimately, resulting in life changing experiences in His presence.

Become adequately adjusted to life in the Spirit, perfecting a keen instinct to His leadings, which results in supernatural living, makes you profitable to God and brings refreshing to others.

Experience the fulfillment of being meaningfully connected through loving relationships with other believers of like faith within the organizational framework of a local church.

Become thoroughly equipped with the spiritual skills and disciplines necessary to consistently overcome life's challenges, thereby being transformed into a functional believer through the understanding of God's Word.

Become intensely excited about discovering your purpose and developing your unique God given gifts, through involvement in ministry to others in the local church.

Become fully entrusted with life's resources by positioning you in a proper relationship to the material world on God's behalf.

Become dutifully occupied in communicating the gospel with a consistent lifestyle to those who are lost and hurting within your world.

Become thoroughly supportive of the vision for excellence in ministry, which attracts newcomers, resulting in greater influence in our community.

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